Lenz & Staehelin ranks as the law firm with the longest tradition in tax law expertise in Switzerland. The firm focused on tax matters, at the time a highly unusual choice. Ever since then it has been our ambition to provide the best technical and still practical tax advice in the country. Lenz & Staehelin ranks as leading firm in the field of tax law in all major league tables.

We cover all aspects of tax planning, and represent our clients in court proceedings and in front of tax authorities. Diligent tax planning is a high priority for any forward-looking company or individual, particularly in the context of international business transactions and a changing world of transparency when tax optimisation also has to take into account ethical standards. We provide our clients with comprehensive and expert advice on inter-cantonal and cross-border matters, and we benefit from strong ties to leading law firms all over the world and excellent contacts to all relevant tax administrations in Switzerland.

Our work includes:
- M&A, restructurings and buyouts, relocations to and from Switzerland
- Estate and tax planning for high net worth individuals, artists and sportsmen
- Social security and pension plan
- Financing
- Tax planning for executives and transferees at international companies
- Property (acquisition, development and disposal)
- Private equity funds - Value added tax, customs duties
- (Structured) financial products and derivatives
- Employee share and stock option plans
- Tax litigation, arbitration, mutual agreement procedures and exchange of information


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