Schiller Rechtsanwälte originates from a law office founded in Winterthur (Switzerland) in 1875. The law firm focuses on corporate law, contract and commercial law, company law, aviation and transportation law, liability and insurance law, inheritance law and succession planning, administrative and public procurement law, litigation and arbitration.

Schiller Rechtsanwälte has specialised in aviation law for over 50 years. Schiller Rechtsanwälte advises domestic as well as foreign carriers and their insurers, in particular in liability, recovery and passenger rights related cases. In public aviation law Schiller Rechtsanwälte advises domestic and foreign carriers as well as airports in matters of traffic rights, fees and charges, implementation of safety and security regulations, noise issues and other regulatory matters. Schiller Rechtsanwälte also advises shipping companies and carriers in the area of ground and water transportation. They represent their clients in court and administrative proceedings.

The aviation and transportation law team of Schiller Rechtsanwälte consists of the two authors Heinrich Hempel and Daniel Maritz, of Kaspar Schiller and Michael Hochstrasser. Each of them published numerous aviation and/or transportation law related articles in various publications, including the Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe and the yearly bulletins published by the Swiss Aviation and Space Law Association. Michael Hochstrasser published a monography on the contract of carriage.

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