Allen & Overy is one of the largest international legal practices with approximately 5,000 staff and some 525 partners worldwide. Since opening our first office in London in 1930, we have grown into a global organisation with 44 offices in 31 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, the US, South America and the Middle East.

Over 50% of our turnover is generated outside the UK, and two-thirds of our work is multi-jurisdictional, involving offices in two or more countries. Strikingly, nearly 20% of our work involves offices in five or more countries, demonstrating the importance of being able to provide a global response for clients.

Our network combines broad international cover with deep local roots, and we are present in those locations which are the source or destination of the major international capital flows and in the financial centres that handle those flows. Our lawyers are qualified to practise in 31 countries and speak 40 languages, ensuring our clients receive consistency of quality wherever they work with us.

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