Magalhães e Dias – Advocacia was established in 1980 by Carlos Francisco de Magalhães and has been distinguished as the main boutique for Competition Law in Brazil. The Firm is headquartered in São Paulo and has had a strategically located branch in Brasília, the Federal District.

The firm has the largest and most specialized team in Brazilian Competition Law. It is composed of 23 members among lawyers and economists, of which 17 are direct or indirectly dedicated to Antitrust Law. Our lawyers have a vast experience on corporate advocacy with solid theoretical and practical knowledge in its areas of practice. Most of its professionals have PhD/Doctoral degree in Law and/or Economy and are Professors of well-known Universities. In addition, our lawyers have notorious national and international publications in books, distinguished specialized magazines, and journals of business and economy

Magalhães e Dias has advised clients in most of the main cases regarding antitrust. We help our clients prevent anticompetitive practices, but also to prepare commercial and advertise campaigns per Brazilian law, and to draft contracts and corporate agreements.

Our clients are mostly large corporations, including 16 from 50 of the largest private companies established in Brazil.

The firm is also known for the comprehensive expertise and distinction of its lawyers in cases involving Consumer Law, International Trade Law, Unfair Competition, Regulatory, and Civil Law.

Our senior lawyers act regularly in important Arbitration procedures involving national and international commercial disputes and in International Trade cases as well.

Rua Armando Penteado 304
01242 010 São Paulo
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