Stetter Rechtsanwälte specializes in representing corporations and top management in white-collar crime and regulatory offense matters. On account of its particular experience at the Federal Court of Justice ("Bundesgerichtshof″), the highest court of appeal in criminal legal matters in Germany, stetter Rechtsanwälte is a highly specialized boutique firm known for high-end legal work in high profile cases, especially in cases with an international background. Lately the firm has represented, among others, an ex-top-level manager in the international "Dieselgate″ scandal and an individual involved in the ″Panama Papers" issue. Combining the wealth of over 18 years of experience in successfully practising law relating to economic and tax offenses, with a working method based on many years’ experience of intensive advocacy in proceedings, the firm is able to achieve highly satisfying results for its clients. As such, stetter Rechtsanwälte has for several years been listed among Germany’s best lawyers in their field. One key competency of the firm is the successful management of contact with authorities on behalf of both corporations and individuals in relation to white-collar crime issues.

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