Changing the game in delivering legal services across South East Asia

Of course, there are a number of well-regarded law firms doing business across Asia. But how many truly know their way around this dynamic and exceptionally diverse part of the world? Now, there's a new name that genuinely changes the game...

Asia's new home team

Rajah & Tann Asia is the region's new "home team". By bringing together leading local law firms and lawyers in ten countries, we've created the first unified, coherent, and authentically Asian legal services offering throughout the region. Individually, each firm offers the highest standards of service to locally based clients. Collectively, we have the capacity to handle the most complex regional and cross-border transactions and to provide seamlessly excellent legal counsel across the region.

One shared goal

We have more than 750 fee earners across all our offices and practice areas, all working towards one shared goal: to give our clients home advantage.

Wherever you need us, we are Lawyers who know Asia - doing business on our own turf, firmly rooted in a part of the world that we know and understand in a way that only a native-speaker can.

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