For more than thirty years, attorneys of MELCHERS have been advising leading companies in the gaming and betting industry.  Gaming and betting law has therefore been established as one of the core competences of the firm.

MELCHERS in general is a commercial law firm with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg.  Our specialized lawyers provide advice in all areas of commercial law.  As a full-service law firm, our advice in gambling-related matters includes all corresponding areas of law, such as competition, company and administrative law.  The firm’s professional expertise in the area of gaming and betting law makes it one of the prime addresses in Germany for national and international clients in the gaming sector seeking forward-thinking and customized legal strategies.  We are committed to substantial client relationships and support our clients in successfully introducing and sustaining gaming and betting products on the complexly regulated German market.  In the event of regulatory measures, we ensure adequate legal reaction.  MELCHERS’ attorneys are well-experienced in lobbying and pay attention to elaborate communication with regulators, which in many cases has proven to be helpful in avoiding litigation.

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