Nordic Gambling is a newly incorporated firm and the only legal firm in the Nordic countries, which specialises in the area of gambling and gambling law, such as licensing, compliance advise and public affairs.

We have been closely involved in the development of the law and regulation in a number of European jurisdictions including Denmark and Sweden. Such involvement includes being appointed to regulatory committees, provided input to and feedback on various drafts to different kinds of legislation and regulations on all kinds of aspects of the gambling industry such as online gamblng, betting and the licensing of landbased poker. The partner of Nordic Gambling, Maria McDonald, Morten Rønde and Henrik Norsk Hoffmann are recognized among the leading legal experts in the gambling industry and are qualified to assist operators and suppliers in the gambling industry with any legal issue related to their business.

Amongst them the partners have more than 40 years of experience working in this field, both as regulators, in house general counsel and external legal counsel and we have and are still assisting and advising a substantial part of the operators on the Danish market.

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