Garrigues is an international tax and legal services firm that provides business law advice on the main economic scenarios of the global marketplace. Since its creation in 1941, the firm has been noted for its international outlook and innovative nature.

Our team is globally made up of two thousand people of twenty-four different nationalities who, under a single integrated management team and with the same quality standards, operate across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, where we have a well-established office and team structure.

All Garrigues lawyers share the same hallmarks: empathy with the client, ongoing dedication to understanding client needs and strict compliance with ethical standards. These qualities, together with their broad experience, training and availability, make us one of the most prestigious and professional law firms in the industry.

In Spain, Garrigues tops the ranking of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in 2017, according to TTR, one of the most relevant business intelligence platforms. Garrigues closed 122 transactions during the year, 33 more than in 2016, for a combined value of over €35 billion. In the private equity and venture capital categories of TTR, Garrigues holds the number-two position in terms of number of transactions, with 55 during 2017. Garrigues is regularly present in many of the private equity landmark transactions in Spain, both from the M&A and the fundraising perspective and is recognized by the most relevant directories as a leading legal advisor in the private equity and venture capital categories in Spain.

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