Our approach frees us from the straitjacket of the traditional legal and business fields. Where others are stuck in conventional formulae, we identify possibilities you did not believe existed. We take care of your specific needs and understand the commercial environment in which you operate.

Working with us means assignments we undertake for you are clearly defined and the costs known in advance. Because we see the big picture, we use this to systematically achieve the solution we know will give you the best possible business advantage.

Our mission is to be your best local partner, wherever you may be in Sweden. Because even in a small country like Sweden there are cultural differences. How people think, react and interact. This is a major reason why we do not just have offices in the big conurbations of Stockholm and Malmö, but also in Borås, Jönköping, Helsingborg and Umeå.

Clients come to us because we are specialists in our business areas and know the local market. They choose us because on our staff we have some of the county’s leading experts within their fields. Our outstanding ability to share expertise across our various offices and our participation in international networks are other factors that contribute to our success.

Kungsgatan 2
251 14 Helsingborg

Tel: +46 42 453 79 03
Fax: +46 42 14 10 55

Stortorget 8
211 34 Malmö

Tel: +46 40 685 20 00
Fax: + 46 42 14 10 55