Redi litigation is the first law firm in Spain specialized in complex litigation and claims for damages arising out of antitrust infringements.

Our team’s previous experience in the litigation and arbitration departments of some of the most prestigious law firms makes us experts in high complexity lawsuits (international arbitration, shareholders’ disputes, director’s liability, privacy and personal image…).

Redi litigation faces the challenges of the legal profession on the XXI century with a proactive behaviour towards our clients, a horizontal structure to work and creative and innovative way of providing legal advice in complex disputes, breaking the hierarchical, static and hour-billing structures of the traditional law firms.

Calle Comte d’Urgell, 264, Entresuelo 3a
08036 Barcelona
Tel: +34 650 474 935 (Albert Poch Tort)
Tel: +34 626 607 407 (Andoni de la Llosa Galarza)