Van Eeden Rabie Inc deals extensively with commercial, corporate and consumer law matters. This includes the establishment, structuring and dissolution of corporate and other entities; business regulation and the business/state interface; unfair trade practices; partnerships and conflict between businesses; joint ventures and corporate relationships generally, corporate governance and compliance; product liability issues, franchise agreements and product recall management.

We provide legal services to clients both internationally and locally. The firm has been in operation for more than ten years. Its mission has always been to give sound and responsible legal advice on a wide range of business topics.

In our fields of interest we remain eager and dedicated to render quality legal services that add value to our clients’ businesses, whether in South Africa or abroad. We relish the opportunity to advise our clients about the law and to create imaginative legal solutions that offer lasting value.

Unit 5, First Floor, Sussex Building Office Park
462 Sussex Avenue
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa
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