Scornik Gerstein LLP is a full-service law firm with international reach. We strive to be a firm of first choice for clients seeking legal advice of high standard from solicitors with extensive experience in common and civil law and particularly involving cross-border matters. We are a multidisciplinary practice with expertise in Civil & Commercial Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Probate, Family Law, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Employment, Taxation, Child Abduction, Immigration and Criminal Law. Scornik Gerstein LLP benefit from multinational and multilingual solicitors and staff, which in turn benefits our clients who also come from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Our clients are predominantly private individuals, however, we also work with public and private companies, as well as a number of non-profit organisations.

The firm has a uniquely flexible and entrepreneurial culture that fosters partnerships with our clients. Knowing the law is not enough; we understand our clients’ business objectives and address their legal needs in a manner that is consistent with the "big picture". We have earned a reputation for being trusted business advisors, and we demonstrate our value every day in the successful results we achieve.

Scornik Gerstein LLP further understands the advantage of diversity within the firm, and is proud for its diversity program. We value the talents and perspectives of our diverse teams of lawyers, which enhance our ability to successfully serve our clients.

Scornik Gerstein LLP and its lawyers serve the community with the same unwavering dedication, commitment to hard work and legal excellence that they bring to all matters handled by the firm. Through our PRO BONO program, lawyers and other legal professionals give their time, resources and talent to serve individuals and organizations in need, to engage in important national and international litigation, and to partner with legal service providers to ensure access to the justice system. We understand that by enriching the lives of those around us, we grow as a firm and as individuals. Beyond pro bono legal representation, Scornik Gerstein LLP is invested in making a positive impact on our communities through sponsorship of local community service programs and the charitable activities of our attorneys and staff.

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