Magalhães & Associados, Internacional is a company that focuses on Intellectual Property Management, preparation of patents, registration of trademarks, design, software, copyrights, and protection of non-patentable technologies in Brazil and abroad.

Founded in 1999, with its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, 3rd most import city in Brazil that focuses on Intellectual Property Management.
The Company was created from the experience of its CEO, Luiz Claudio de Magalhães who, at the time had built up 21 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, as a specialist of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), inclusive as a Patent Examiner at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.
Today, with 20 years in the market, Magalhães & Associados, Internacional embodies the efforts of its founder and countless collaborators who, over time, have contributed to turning a dream into reality: To be the best structured Intellectual Property firm in Minas Gerais and be able to serve medium and large companies in Brazil and abroad.