KNOETZL is a leading Austrian law firm founded on a handshake with one simple goal: Achieving optimal outcomes for corporate, financial and governmental clients in their most significant and complex disputes. We are committed to the highest level of specialization in everything that we do for our clients and to delivering top quality of advocacy in dispute resolution and corporate crisis. With an all-star team and a diversity of styles and specializations, we deliver the highest standards of excellence to reach our client’s goal.

We are agile, focused and dedicated to developing and implementing cohesive strategies and cutting-edge thinking in collaboration with clients. Our team is seasoned.  Our lawyers deliver value-for-money advice. Put simply, we’re tough, smart and know how to win your case.

You will be represented by Austria’s finest litigation and dispute resolution team; our lawyers have developed and led the market here. You will receive highly-crafted, quality counsel built around transparent fees and an emphasis on value, all delivered by prolific experts and strategic thinkers. We have the flexibility to offer tailored teams and terms. If you require the very best representation in disputes by those who are distracted by nothing else, you need look no further.

Herrengasse 1-3,
1010 Vienna,

Tel:  +43 1 34 34 000