One of what are now considered to be Cyprus's historical law offices that has evolved into a modem law practice.

The office's long history of nearly 70 years of activity in the legal field, makes it one of the most prestigious law offices providing legal services and representation in court, as much in Cyprus as in the rest of the world. It was founded in the year 1950 in Nicosia by Phoebus Clerides, who was later joined by his son Dr. Christos Clerides in the practice in 1982, originally under the name Phoebus Clerides and Associates. In 2009, the law firm was re-established under the new name Phoebus, Christos Clerides and Associates LLC. The father-son team became known to the general public due to their involvement in high-profile cases. It is noteworthy to mention that in the 1950s, Phoebus Clerides was among the first Barrister-at-law counsellors in Cyprus, while in the 1980s Dr. Christos Clerides was a member of the preparatory committee which composed and promoted the first amendment to the Constitution and the abolishment of the involvement of Ecclesiastical Courts in matters of Family Law. They also had an important presence in the realm of politics. Phoebus Clerides was the Minister of Justice as well as a member of the Cypriot Parliament in the 1980s; Dr. Christos Clerides on the other hand was, like his father, a member of Cypriot Parliament from 2001 until 2006, but also a member of the National Advisory Board. He also served as legal advisor to the President of the Democracy about the Cyprus Issue in the realm of International and European Law, which is the field of study of his doctorate. The consistent consultation and representation provided to highly ranking officers of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as to the President of the Parliament and the Attorney General before court, constitute not only an honouring but also the practical recognition of the level of services which the law office provides.

Since 20018, Phoebe Cleridou, lawyer, has proven to be a valuable member of the team. Today, she is the General Manager of the family's law office. She specialises in cases relating to the banking system, though she was also the head of a team of lawyers who took on the negotiable interest cases after the Cyprus Popular Bank closed in 2012. In addition, she has several years of experience handling Family Law cases, which she teaches at the University since 2014.

Alexandros Clerides followed in the footsteps of his kin in 2013 and is now the head of the Judicial Department and specialises in criminal cases. In 2017, he was elected member of the Bar Association of Nicosia. He has attended many conferences on criminal law as a guest and as a speaker. He recently published a study on alternative sentencing for criminal convictions. Furthermore, he provides legal advice on investment transactions and the property market to foreign investors in Cyprus, as well as other services dealing with naturalisation in the Republic of Cyprus to recommended foreign investors. In 2017, he gave an interview to the internationally known LEGAL 500. In 2018, he attended a six-week program organized by the Oxford University on digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc, and conventions stemming from digital currency formats and their legal context. He recognises that continuous education in new legal fields, which are being formed in the world market, constitutes an integral piece of perpetual professional development and support of the customer.

Constantinos Clerides, Barrister-at-Law, Lincolns Inn, has also joined the law firm since 2017 and is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. He handles cases dealing with insurance law, medical negligence, traffic accidents, and cases dealing with general civil law, such as libel.

The law office practices law in all fields and sectors, and is staffed with partners and employees who are equipped with the knowledge, the professionalism, and the consistency to cater to and support the needs of every customer. The team consists of 20 specialised and experienced individuals in total, each of whom practices within the sector of the law of their specialisation. The permanent staff of the office also cooperates with a network of experienced external collaborators, and together they offer a complete package of services. Since 2009, this legal firm has been recommended consistently by international legal catalogues, such as LEGAL 500, as one of the best law firms worldwide.

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