The Intellectual Property Review: Editor's Preface

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to impact all aspects of life over the past year, requiring governments, businesses and individuals to adjust and adapt. Now that border restrictions and shutdowns due to the virus are lessening and international trade remains high, the need to maintain the world's interconnectedness and reliance on international trade is enhanced and, at the same time, the stakes involved with that trade have increased considerably.

All eyes have returned to focusing on the new leadership team in the United States, which is instituting shifts in international trade and intellectual property policies. As to trade relations with China, where intellectual property protection has been a contentious issue, the United States is indicating that it will push back harder against what it perceives as unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property. Concurrently, at home, the United States is re-evaluating how intellectual property rights could be used to harm competition, particularly in the case of standard-essential patents, which could impact international companies. In addition, many countries are considering whether to grant patent waivers in developing countries for covid-19 vaccines and other covid-19 medicines. Time will tell how adjustments made on these and other issues will change how law firms operate going forward. Against this backdrop, intellectual property practitioners must navigate a variety of legal systems and intellectual property laws in which many differences remain, despite some movements toward harmonisation.

To aid practitioners in the ever-changing environment of global intellectual property, we now present the 11th edition of The Intellectual Property Review. In this edition, we present 20 chapters that provide an overview of the forms of intellectual property coverage available in each particular jurisdiction, along with an update on its most recent developments. Each chapter is written and assembled by leading practitioners in that jurisdiction. While all involved have striven to make this review both accurate and comprehensive, it is necessarily a summary and overview, and we strongly recommend that the reader seek the advice of experienced advisers for any specific intellectual property matter. Contact information for the authors of each chapter is provided at the end of this review.

Dominick A Conde
Venable LLP
New York
April 2022

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