The Oil and Gas Law Review: Editor's Preface

International oil and gas law is a fascinating field, sitting at an intersection of law, politics and business. Practitioners in this field must be familiar not only with international norms and practices, but also local legal and regulatory requirements that can vary substantially from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The task can be daunting, especially in the context of fast-paced transactions or urgent legal or operational issues.

The Oil and Gas Law Review is intended to serve as a starting point for practitioners in gaining an understanding of the key legal requirements in the jurisdictions in which they may be advising clients on transactional and operational matters. The thinking behind the subtopics it covers has been to try to answer those questions that come up most frequently when dealing with a new or unfamiliar jurisdiction. Although not a substitute for detailed local law advice, the hope is that it will nevertheless serve as a reference guide and point users in the right direction when considering local legal issues.

I would like to thank the many experts who contributed to this volume. Without their substantial efforts, a work such as this would not be possible. Thanks also to the editors and publishers of The Oil and Gas Law Review for having the vision to publish a volume such as this and for their efforts in making it such a success.

Christopher B Strong
Vinson & Elkins LLP
October 2020

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