The Real Estate Law Review: Editor's Preface

The ninth edition of The Real Estate Law Review is testament to the book's success and the continued significance of real estate as a global asset class. A great deal has happened since the first edition appeared in 2012. The Real Estate Law Review has proved its worth by providing readers with an invaluable overview of how key markets across the globe operate and how they have evolved in the context of world events. It is no longer possible to look at domestic markets in isolation. Investors and their advisers need to understand real estate assets in the context of the global investment market, and The Real Estate Law Review seeks to help its readers to do just that.

This edition extends to 28 key jurisdictions around the world and I am very grateful to all the distinguished practitioners for their insightful contributions. Each chapter has been updated to highlight key developments and their effect on the relevant domestic market. Together, the chapters offer a helpful and accessible overview of the global real estate market. Overseas investors are key influencers in most markets, and it is vital that practitioners are able to advise on a particular deal in the light of an understanding of the client's own jurisdiction.

In the year that the UK was expected to leave the EU, Brexit and the associated economic and political fallout has continued to be the dominant issue for UK real estate markets. Although there has been a drop-off in investment volumes, continued interest from a wide range of investors from around the world underlines the need to see each issue in the context of world events. A growing cache of investment capital is likely to prompt a surge in investment activity once some degree of certainty is finally achieved. The UK, and London in particular, seem certain to remain attractive to overseas investors troubled by matters of greater significance than Brexit.

Once again, I wish to express my deep and sincere thanks to all my fellow contributors to this ninth edition of The Real Estate Law Review. I would also like to thank the members of the Law Review team for their sterling efforts in co-ordinating the contributions and compiling this edition.

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