The Law Reviews are high-quality, hardback books published annually by Law Business Research Ltd.

The contributors to the series are carefully selected local experts in their fields of practice.

As clients' expectations become ever more sophisticated, lawyers need to be familiar with the issues in those jurisdictions most relevant to the commercial operation of clients - often in places beyond the reach of their own firm's offices. The Law Reviews create accessible insights into the practice of different areas of law in the most significant jurisdictions around the world.

Legal work continues to become increasingly international, and it is often necessary to have not only an understanding of foreign substantive law but also an appreciation of the basic framework of civil procedure and legal practice in different jurisdictions. The Law Reviews give readers a business-focused insight of some of the key substantive and procedural issues, as well as analysis of important cases, deals and hot topics in each field of law.

The Law Reviews help practitioners to look beyond their own borders where they may see opportunities to practise ever more actively, exploiting strategic solutions and understanding options in foreign jurisdictions which are different from their home forum.

For each publication we have asked an internationally renowned expert to act as editor. The editorial content of each book is set to guidelines specific to the practice of that field of law, addressing the differing needs of practitioners and their domestic and international clients.

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